In the loop = September 12, 2019

Bolsonaro feeding via nasal tube following surgery: AFP reports, doctors treating Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro said Wednesday he was feeding via a nasogastric tube due to intestinal problems which prevented him from taking food normally following abdominal surgery. Bolsonaro, 64, underwent a five-hour operation on Sunday to repair an abdominal hernia. The procedure took two hours longer than anticipated. It was his fourth operation since being stabbed in the stomach a year ago at a campaign rally.

Guardian: Outcry as Bolsonaro's son questions value of democracy in Brazil

Carlos Bolsonaro accused of ‘flirting with coup-mongering’

“The transformation Brazil wants will not happen at the speed we yearn for through democratic means,” he tweeted to his 1.3 million followers.

Another of Brazil president's sons facing civil, criminal probe: prosecutors: Reuters reports, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s son Carlos is under investigation by the Rio de Janeiro state prosecutor’s office, it said on Wednesday, making him the second of the far-right leader’s sons to be probed by state investigators.

In the loop = September 4, 2019

Brazil president will make video call to Amazon summit: AFP reports, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro will participate by video in a regional summit on fires that have devastated the Amazon, his spokesman said Tuesday, after previously stating he would skip it altogether. The far-right president, widely criticized over his support for Amazon deforestation and a delayed reaction to the wildfires, had said earlier this week that he would miss Friday's session in Colombia due to preparations for a surgery.

Andrew Cummins: Argentina’s political uncertainty is stoking financial fears: Capital controls and debt ‘reprofiling’ can only do so much.

Over the past few days, Argentina's stock market gave up two years of gains.

In the loop = August 30, 2019

The Times: Pressure forces President Bolsonaro to pause Amazon burning

Amazon fires: Jair Bolsonaro issues burning ban in Brazil
: DW reports, Brazil's president signed the decree amidst escalating global pressure to address raging fires in the Amazon. The ban comes during the country's peak burning season, leaving critics skeptical of its efficacy.

Amazon fires scorch Bolsonaro's reputation abroad, but not in Brazil: Reuters reports, President Jair Bolsonaro has drawn sharp criticism on the international stage from European leaders and environmental groups for his handling of wildfires raging in the Amazon, but at home few Brazilians are angered by his reluctant response.

Brazil's Bolsonaro awaits news on US help for Amazon: Reuters reports, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday he may have news later in the day on his request to U.S. President Donald Trump for help fighting the Amazon rainforest fires. Speaking to reporters in Brasilia, Bolsonaro said news on this front could materialize after Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo and the president’s son Eduardo Bolsonaro meet with the U.S. president, although it was unclear exactly when the meeting will take place.

Eduardo Bolsonaro will be appointed by his father as the new Brazilian ambassador to the United States, but his name has not yet been sent to the Senate for voting and confirmation.

Bolsonaro’s allies rebel over rejection of Amazon fire aid: The Times reports, President Bolsonaro was under mounting pressure from Brazilian state governors yesterday to accept western aid to combat the forest fires raging out of control in the Amazon as doctors reported a sharp rise in respiratory diseases. He agreed to accept four aircraft from Chile to help fight the fires, but refused to back down on rejecting an offer of $20 million from the G7 nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the US.

Matthew A. Winkler: Brazil finds a sweet spot between cheap money and a trade war: Low interest rates, tame inflation, and coming pension reforms bolster the country’s equity market.