In the loop = August 20, 2019

The Times: Ministers fear no‑deal Brexit campaign could trigger food and fuel panic

72 days until no-deal Brexit.

Northern Ireland: Blast targets police near border: DW reports, police say it is the sixth blast targeting officers this year. A police chief warns that deadlock over Brexit is abetting such attacks.

The Times: Boris Johnson ‘risking border in Ireland over backstop stance’

Boris Johnson says 'anti-democratic' backstop must be scrapped
: BBC reports, ohnson has told the EU the Irish border backstop must be scrapped as it is "unviable" and "anti-democratic". In a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, the PM also said the backstop risked undermining the Northern Irish peace process. But Tusk said those opposing the arrangement without "realistic alternatives" supported re-establishing a hard border.

EU rebuffs British PM Johnson's opening Brexit bid: Reuters reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demand that the European Union reopen the Brexit divorce deal was rebuffed on Tuesday by the bloc, which said Britain had failed to propose any realistic alternative to an agreed insurance policy for the Irish border.

Tusk said on Tuesday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demands to drop the Brexit backstop came with no “realistic alternatives” and amounted to seeking a return to controls along the sensitive Irish border.

UK to end EU freedom of movement immediately in no-deal scenario: DW repoers, the British government said if it were to leave the EU without a deal on October 31, freedom of movement rules would end at the same time, with no transition period. Critics have blasted the move as "reckless."

Boris Johnson makes his big-time debut at Biarritz: AFP reports, PM Johnson makes his debut on the global stage at the G7 summit this weekend, where all eyes will be on his chumminess with US President Donald Trump. The summit in France opens on Saturday, the one-month anniversary of the gaffe-prone Brexit cheerleader and former foreign secretary becoming premier. "What we'll make of this is whether Boris Johnson manages to be a different person on the world stage than he managed as foreign secretary -- because he was a disappointment," Bronwen Maddox, director of the Institute for Government think tank, told AFP.

Emails reveal Boris Johnson laying groundwork for election campaign: Guardian reports, signs indicate No 10 on election footing as PM plans meetings to come up with manifesto ideas.

In the loop = August 19, 2019

UK business admits many are ill-prepared for no-deal Brexit: FT reports, lobby groups concede potential damage after leaked document details contingency planning.

No 10 furious at leak of paper predicting shortages after no-deal Brexit: Guardian reports, government figures seek to play down predictions of food, medicine and fuel shortages in leaked document.

Leaked memo says Britain faces economic, social chaos if it goes through with a ‘no-deal Brexit’: WP reports, rising food and social care prices and severe delays in medical supplies are among the consequences predicted in classified government documents.

Boris Johnson accuses ex‑ministers over Brexit chaos leaks: The Times reports, Boris Johnson has accused Remain-supporting former ministers of leaking details of no-deal planning in an attempt to damage Brexit negotiations. A secret Whitehall dossier known as Operation Yellowhammer, revealed over the weekend, included warnings that Britain could face shortfalls of fresh food, fuel and medicines. It also suggested that there could be an increase in public disorder, delays at airports and a hard border with Ireland.

The Times: Jeremy Corbyn will ‘do everything to stop no-deal Brexit’

Recall UK parliament to tackle Brexit crisis, opposition Labour Party says:
Reuters reports, Britain's parliament needs to be recalled immediately to discuss Brexit, the opposition Labour Party's finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Monday, after leaked official documents forecast possible food, fuel, and medicine shortages.

Alex Massie: Brexit doublethink is blinding us to the facts: The challenge in British and American politics now is to steer through a tide of disinformation and land at the truth.

The most important Brexiter isn’t Boris Johnson: Dominic Cummings is hell-bent on pushing through a no-deal Brexit and ignoring parliament. His plan for what comes after is even more radical.

In the loop = August 16, 2019

David Allen Green: Once Britain is out of the EU, it is out: The delusion of retrospective legislation on Brexit is dangerous. The United Kingdom will leave the EU by automatic operation of law on October 31 2019, unless something dramatic happens. Given the current fluid and erratic nature of British politics there is a chance that such an intervention will happen, and that exit is postponed again or the withdrawal process is even then revoked. But if the UK does leave the EU on that date, the departure will change the legal position absolutely. The EU treaties will cease to apply and, as a matter of international law, the UK will no longer be a member state. Membership of the EU is binary, and the UK will be on the outside.

Pound back above $1.21 on strong data and Brexit hopes: FT reports, beleaguered currency set for its best day under prime minister Boris Johnson.

In the loop = August 15, 2019

Pelosi says US-UK trade deal hinges on Good Friday pact: FT reports, ‘no chance’ Congress will jeopardise Northern Ireland peace deal, Speaker says.

Bloomberg: UK’s Corbyn plans caretaker government to block No-Deal Brexit

Labour bloc plans 'radical' move to push through Brexit deal
: Guardian reports, Labour MPs opposed to a second referendum are considering a “radical and dramatic intervention” to make clear to Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson they are prepared to vote for a Brexit deal, with one estimating that dozens of colleagues are now ready to back the withdrawal agreement. Stephen Kinnock, the Labour MP who coordinates around 30 MPs in a group called Respect the Result, said he believed that passing the withdrawal agreement was the most certain way of stopping the UK crashing out without a deal.