Advocacy communications for global business.

Thought leadership matched by high-frequency communications has the power to create new opportunities for commerce and culture.

— Marc A. Ross, founder of Caracal Glocal


Caracal Global specializes in advocacy communications for global business working at the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics.

Caracal Global believes thought leadership matched by high-frequency communications has the power to create new opportunities for commerce and culture.

Many organizations have an advocacy process, but few are built on the model of an American presidential campaign, harnessing grassroots power, developing influential advocates, and grounded by MBA strategies.

By developing a proper strategy, utilizing winning tactics, organizing effectively, speaking consistently, and sharing know-how, thought leadership can shape globalization and politics.

Clients hire Caracal Global to advise, ghostwrite, engage influencer networks, manage media relations, produce events, audit communications infrastructure, consult on hiring, deliver executive education, provide issue briefs and news generating talking points, as well as manage end to end thought leader communication efforts where Caracal Global assumes the role of senior advisor and project leader.

Caracal Global works independently but provides access to a strong global network of collaborators with expertise in websites, graphic design, audio, video, film, book publishing, online reputation management, polling, data analytics, research, and geopolitics.

With decades of experience working on political and advocacy campaigns at the highest levels in the United States and the United Kingdom, Caracal executes global communication and advocacy campaigns, both online and offline, and develop influencer marketing solutions tailored to a client’s strategic priorities.

Our clients range from trade associations to global think tanks, from entrepreneurial businesses to the world's largest multinational corporations.

Caracal Global has executed successful thought leader campaigns around the world and in leading cities, like Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Des Moines, London, Brussels, Shanghai, and Beijing.

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To execute world-class thought leadership you need strategy, audio, video, digital and social, writing, plus event production. Caracal Global provides all these seamlessly.

— Marc A. Ross, founder of Caracal Global
The go to guy in Washington for US-China trade disputes. — Bloomberg News



Intelligence + Insights

Daily executive news overview assembly and distribution

Bespoke intelligence briefings - memos + reports

Teleconference staff planning meetings + briefings

Onsite management consulting and training sessions


Training + Education

Customizable in-house training sessions for organizations and senior executives

Upskill employees and executives by demystifying the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics

Workshops to improve understanding to better navigate the intersection of globalization, disruption, and politics

Media training and media role-playing



Audit communications infrastructure | 5 Step Thought Leader Audit

Consult on hiring + staffing requirements

Online reputation audit and management

Communications and press management services, including media engagement, availability, coordination, and scheduling

War Room strategy + execution + management

Develop + execute quarterly pen and pad press events and/or influencer lunches

Record, video, and photograph media events and interviews

Event production | Press events + multi-day conferences