Politico: New Firm Alert

Marc Ross of U.S.-China Business Council is leaving the organization to partner with Jeremy Haft — an author who has worked on U.S.-China commercial relations — to create a new firms called Caracal Strategies. “Jeremy has been building companies on the front lines in China. He is also a two-time author on U.S.-China commercial relations and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University,” Ross said in an email. “With my background in communications and politics at the highest levels in the U.S. and the U.K., we think we have the right mix of skills to be successful.”

The new firm will help clients navigate American business at the intersection of globalization, economics, and government. “With decades of experience in Beijing, Brussels and Washington, D.C., the team at Caracal Strategies has worked at the highest levels of government and global business,” Ross said. “We think we can offer a unique, campaign-like approach to solving business issues and expand commerce.”