For Sale: American Business and Xi's Second Term - 10 Winners and 10 Losers


October 18 will mark the start of the 19th national congress of China's ruling Communist Party, an essential gathering that takes place every five years.

Not only will this meeting with mark the end of Xi Jinping's first five-year term as head of the Communist Party of China, but a  number of senior members of the Party are expected to retire. In addition to making leadership changes, the national congress also reviews and makes changes if necessary to the Party's Constitution as well as selects the Central Committee, a powerful decision-making body.

There is no doubt that Xi Jinping will stay for a second term, but the real question for the national congress is who will join Xi on the Politburo and the Standing Committee - essential bodies that will influence commercial policy, economic reforms, and American businesses operating in China for the next five years.

The outcomes of the gathering will create a new dynamic for American companies selling goods and services to the Chinese marketplace. There will be winners and losers.

To assist C-Suite executives to identify opportunities and challenges based on the policy and personality outcomes of this important gathering, on November 6 Caracal Global will release American Business and Xi's Second Term -  10 Winners and 10 Losers.

The report will explore the outcomes of the national congress and capture how the Chinese authorities will seek to balance growth, economic reform, and stability. Outcomes of the gathering with set the roadmap for how the ruling Communist Party and Xi Jinping intend to guide the nation China for the next five years and identify American businesses winners and losers.

Designed for C-Suite executives, this Caracal Global primer will provide a foundation for your company to help better guide your auditing, research, planning, and management for your China business operations.

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