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North Korea, UK Conservative Party, Bolshevik Revolution, Virginia Governor’s Race, Cowboys and Concussions

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November 7, 2017
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

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Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia | Election Day 2017


Trump calls on North Korea to ‘make a deal’: FT reports, US president hails progress on Pyongyang threat but warns military force still an option.

LAT: In a sharp shift, Trump calls for North Korea to 'make a deal'

US allies fear Trump will pull a Nixon in China: The question for Asian governments anxious about an impulsive U.S. president looking for a foreign-policy success: Will he be tempted to strike a bargain?
WSJ - Andrew Browne

Wooing Trump, Xi seeks great power status for China: NYT reports, Xi Jinping, the most powerful Chinese leader in decades, wants the United States to share global leadership with China as equals.

G2? I don't think so.

The Times: Puigdemont accuses Europe of turning its back on the Catalan people

UK Tories prepare for by-elections in sex misconduct scandals: FT reports, Home Secretary says ‘clearing out’ would be welcome; government whip resigns.

The Conservative party failed to win a majority at the general election on June 8 and has a slim 12-seat advantage only because of a deal it struck with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists, leaving it in a precarious position.

LAT: Britain's prime minister seeks to curb sexual misconduct in the nation's politics

Sex scandals are speeding May to an early exit: With crises mounting and a PM who has used up all of her political lives, Tory thoughts are turning to Amber Rudd.
The Times - Rachel Sylvester

Dublin calls for 5-year Brexit transition: FT reports, Coveney rails against ‘game of chicken’ as Irish concerns of collateral damage mount.

Saudis call missile from Yemen an ‘act of war’ by Iran: NYT reports, Saudi Arabia charged that Iran had committed “a blatant act of military aggression” by providing its Yemeni allies with a missile fired at the Saudi capital over the weekend.

Comrades unite: One hundred years ago today, one of the century’s most momentous uprisings hit St. Petersburg. The Russian Revolution’s eventual outcome, the Soviet Union, offered hope for some but delivered suffering for many.

A century after the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia has its tsar
WP - Ishaan Tharoor

In Soviet times, Nov. 7 was an annual national holiday. But Russian President Vladimir Putin, the longest-serving Russian leader since Stalin, is not publicly commemorating the centennial.

AP: 100 years after Russian revolution, Lenin statues abound

"The Socialist Revolutionary Party - Only in battle will you obtain your rights!"

"The Socialist Revolutionary Party - Only in battle will you obtain your rights!"


Virginia governor’s race seen as key test of Trump ahead of 2018 midterms: WP reports, the contest pits Ed Gillespie, a longtime establishment Republican who has embraced the culturally divisive aspects of Trump’s agenda, against Democrat Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist and the state’s sitting lieutenant governor.

Hard-fought Virginia governor's race to test Trump's clout: Reuters reports, a bitterly fought governor's race in Virginia leads a slate of state and local elections on Tuesday that offer an early test of President Donald Trump's political influence and possible strategies for both parties in next year's midterm elections.

AFP: Virginia election likely a crucial test vote for Trump


@csmonitor: “He’s had to run as Donald Trump … – but he’s also tried to run as Mitt Romney and George H.W. Bush.”

Trump adviser sent email describing ‘private conversation’ with Russian official: WP reports, the email by adviser Carter Page contradicts earlier statements about his July 2016 trip to Moscow. In the email, he wrote that he had been provided “incredible insights and outreach” by Russian lawmakers and “senior members” of President Vladi­mir Putin’s administration.

Tax stuffing: House Republicans are acting quickly in the hopes of bringing tax reform to the House floor by Thanksgiving.

What does Tulsi Gabbard believe? The making of a charismatic, unorthodox Democrat. An Iraq veteran and the first Hindu in Congress, Gabbard is a compelling figure. When she was elected, Rachel Maddow said, “She is on the fast track to being very famous.”
New Yorker

@PoliticsReid: Lobbyists spent a quarter of a BILLION dollars influencing the California legislature thru first 9 months of 2017

A fight over gardening? NYT reports, the altercation that left Senator Rand Paul nursing bruised lungs and broken ribs was said to have begun over a landscaping dispute with a neighbor.

@thehill: Trump Commerce chief overstated wealth by $2 billion to get on Forbes list of richest Americans: report  


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Reuters: HSBC pledges $100 billion of finance by 2025 to combat climate change

Ford is gearing up to launch a Chariot bus network in London.

Uber, rival apps join forces in Brazil to stem tide of regulation: Reuters reports, Uber has formed an unprecedented alliance in Brazil with other ride-hailing services, including its main local rival 99, to win public support to block regulation threatening the way they do business in a booming market.

Reuters: Irish PM says future of $1 billion Apple data center uncertain

Fast fashion was inspired by Europe’s inability to mimic Indian garb

WSJ: Disney approached 21st Century Fox to buy entertainment assets

FT: Energy sector rallies as oil holds around $64

@CNBCTopStories: We can expect the bull market to run 8 to 10 more years, strategist Jeff Saut says 


These hot restaurants aren’t on maps, only in apps: A virtual restaurant model, with low overhead, is a shift away from the capital-intensive model that kills 60% of new restaurants in their first five years.

American retail has a coffee problem: WSJ reports, coffee shops struggle for survival as others including grocery stores, gas stations and fast-food chains sell specialty beverages.

There are now nearly 33,000 coffee shops in the US.

Surf's up for startups at Web Summit 2017: AFP reports, the next generation of Internet giants gather this week in Portugal for four days of tech-fuelled networking, nights out and -- for the first time this year -- surfing of the offline variety. Web Summit, which likes to promote itself as "the Davos for geeks" and provides a platform for startups to hook up with venture capitalists and hear about new trends from industry leaders such as Facebook, will see around 60,000 tech experts convene in Lisbon, where participants will look to catch a break either in or out of the water. "Lisbon is kind of the surf capital of Europe, so not going surfing would be a very significant missed opportunity," said Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrave.


"What do leaders ... DO? First and foremost they assemble and then develop a topflight team of people.” - Tom Peters


Why soccer, 'working-class ballet,' continues to thrive: Author Simon Critchley's new book, 'What We Think About When We Think About Soccer,' examines the power and myth of the world's most popular sport.

Kyle Martino enters race for US soccer president: NYT reports, Kyle Martino, a former United States national team midfielder now more familiar to fans for his role on NBC Sports’ Premier League broadcasts, has decided to leave his “dream job” and mount a bid to replace the longtime incumbent Sunil Gulati as president of US Soccer.

Cowboys, concussions and unholy risks: Inside the world of professional bull riding: Globe and Mail reports, when Canadian bull rider Ty Pozzobon killed himself in January 2017, he turned a spotlight on the world’s most dangerous sport. He became bull riding’s first confirmed case of CTE. The Globe spent the summer with Pozzobon’s closest colleagues on the professional bull-riding tour to explore how a way of life threatens the health and safety of the men who love to ride.

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