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Catalonia, 'Cold War mentality', Dick Enberg, Russia-UK, Boeing

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December 22, 2017
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What Caracal Global is watching today:

✔️ Catalonia election + separatists keep majority

✔️ China condemns US 'Cold War mentality'

✔️ Russia-UK relations at 'a very low point'

✔️ Boeing is seeking to buy the Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer


CNBC: Spain's political crisis is 'back to square one' after Catalonia election

In a blow to Spanish unity, Catalan separatists keep the majority in regional vote: NYT reports, separatist parties won a narrow majority in Catalonia after the Spanish government called the election in an attempt to resolve the constitutional crisis.

Catalonia results: Parties seeking to secede from Spain narrowly won a snap election. The separatists won about 47 percent of the votes but secured 70 of the 135 seats in the regional Parliament, a narrow majority.

Guardian: A slap in the face’ for Madrid: Puigdemont hails Catalonia election win

Catalans really, and still, want to be free, while at the same time, Catalan's independence is less than clear and easy.

How I almost became a Chinese spy – reflections on China's age of anxiety
Financial Review - Angus Grigg

"The idea that China Correspondents Lisa Murray and Angus Grigg were merely journalists, chasing stories and looking to generate clicks seemed implausible to their Chinese minders."

An excellent read to grasp how the Chinese Communist Party seeks to control and gather information.

BBC: China condemns US 'Cold War mentality' on national security

CNBC: China to
USA: 'Stop deliberately distorting' our global strategy


Boris Johnson faces cold reception on Russia trip: FT reports, relations at ‘zero-level’ for first visit by foreign secretary in five years.

CNN: Russia-UK relations at 'a very low point' - Lavrov

Theresa May says she wants to see a female James Bond.

Cuba: Raúl Castro will step down as president in April.

QOTD: “I didn’t want this job. I didn’t seek this job… My wife told me I’m supposed to do this.” – US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson


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Dispute over political strategy erupts inside the White House: NYT reports, an Oval Office meeting involving President Trump and his top advisers on Wednesday devolved into a heated exchange between his former campaign manager and the White House political director, people briefed on the discussion said.

FNC: Trump deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn to step down

Republicans warn Trump of 2018 bloodbath: Politico reports, the White House knows the midterm election will probably be bad. Behind the scenes, top aides are scrambling to avoid the worst.

Republicans plan mega marketing push to sell unpopular tax plan: Politico reports, 'When [voters] start to see what happens to their paychecks,' said one conservative, 'they will change their minds.'

US government funding has been extended until January 19. 

Bots will sway an election near you: Bloomberg reports, the key to political victory may lie in code. Automated software, known as bots, can fire out non-stop social media messages backing a particular candidate or campaign. The phenomenon goes beyond Russian-linked Facebook accounts aiming to influence foreign elections. Researchers in the and US found Twitter bots weighing in on Brexit and the US vote. 

“I have power”: Is Steve Bannon running for President?Vanity Fair reports, on a whirlwind tour around the globe, Trump’s former aide and alter ego reveals what really went down in the White House, his unfettered thoughts on Javanka, his complicated relationship with his erstwhile boss—and his own political ambitions.


Boeing is seeking to buy the Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer to try to gain a bigger foothold in the regional jet market.

Eric Schmidt steps down as executive chairman of Google's parent, Alphabet.

269 billion = The number emails sent and received daily

NYT: Apple is the most valuable public company

Bloomberg's the year in money: Market highs, a venture capital boom, and record-low unemployment were just some of the defining moments for investors in 2017.

Bloomberg: Long Island Iced Tea soars after changing its name to Long Blockchain

$19,511 = Bitcoin Sunday

$13,577 = Bitcoin Friday

Facebook signed a deal with Universal Music Group that lets its platforms carry songs from the music label’s artists.

Qualcomm has gotten a permit to test self-driving cars on public roads in California.

Daimler buys France’s alternative to Uber: FT reports, the deal for Chauffeur Privé shows German group seeking to attract vehicle-less consumers.

Volvo, Cadillac, and Porsche drive subscription model growth: FT reports, carmakers are launching rental services even as peer-to-peer car lending platforms gain traction.


RIP: Dick Enberg, award-winning US sports broadcaster, dies at 82


AP Poll: Sexual misconduct allegations voted top news story

Guardian's best albums of 2017

Guadian's top 50 films of 2017


In an unforgiving sport, they minister to hearts and souls: NYT reports, a chaplain is part of the team for about three-quarters of England’s professional teams, offering spiritual or secular counseling to the players.

Figure skating in Detroit is aiming to change the color of the sport: The Undefeated reports, this girls-only program uses figure skating to build self-esteem and academic achievement.

5 things to know about the 2018 Winter Olympics

WP: Florida State may not be eligible but is still expected to play in Independence Bowl

FOX College Football: Way (WAY) Too Early Top 10 for 2018

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Michigan
4. Miami
5. Ohio State
6. Georgia
7. Oklahoma
8. USC
9. Stanford
10. MSU

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