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July 20, 2017
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

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Xi Jinping is everywhere: Bloomberg reports, The People’s Daily has long been a cheerleader for China’s Communist Party, but President Xi is taking things to a new level as he builds his clout before a leadership shuffle later this year. A study of articles in the newspaper shows that mentions of Xi surpass those of predecessor Hu Jintao by a long way. Xi’s pet slogans are also cropping up frequently, while phrases connected to political liberalization have faded.

Chinese warships en route to Baltic Sea: DW reports, the Chinese armada is heading to Europe, as Beijing and Moscow look to boost their strategic ties. The next iteration of their "Joint Sea" naval drills will take place in the Baltic Sea next week. 

Lack of progress at US-China talks raises stakes for Trump: WSJ reports, meetings end without concrete steps or a mention of when talks would resume.

When will the other shoe drop in US-China economic relations: LAT reports, both the American and Chinese parties earlier in the day abruptly canceled news conferences scheduled at the end of talks, with neither side explaining why.

More US-China trade tensions expected after disappointing talks: CNBC reports, little action was expected at Wednesday's U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, but despite the low bar, the event still yielded lackluster results — an indication of further bilateral strains ahead.

China rejects Singapore model for state groups: FT reports, plan turns away from Temasek-style effort to insulate state companies from politics

AP: China clamping down on use of VPNs to evade Great Firewall

The Argentine peso hits another record low.

Italy’s fading 5Stars lash out on migration: Politico reports, party leader says Matteo Renzi struck deal with Brussels to take in migrants in exchange for budget leniency.

France’s Macron tests Italy’s patience over refugees: FT reports, cautious migration stance could be a warning sign for Italian officials on other fronts.

Italy and France aren't on the same page when it comes to refugees.

Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus has officially opened in Paris. Around 3,000 people are going to work the building. Station F is seen as the only startup campus in the world where the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. Learn more here:

Bloomberg: France says ‘we want our money back’ as Brexit talks crawl on

Reuters: Britain's Fox says UK-EU trade deal 'easiest in human history', sterling falls

AFP: British families blame Brexit for au pair shortage

Germany takes aim at Turkish tourism as rights row escalates: Reuters reports, Germany warned its citizens to take care when traveling to Turkey and threatened to end corporate investment guarantees, steps which could hurt the Turkish economy, in a sign of growing impatience with a NATO ally after the detention of rights activists.

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