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Caracal Insider | Geoeconomics
July 28, 2017
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

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WSJ: Russia to kick out some US diplomats over sanctions

Russia orders US embassy to cut staff: NYT reports, the Russian government also seized two American diplomatic properties on Friday. It was Moscow’s first retaliatory steps against proposed new US sanctions against Russia.

Kazakhstan aims to swap Cyrillic for Roman letters by 2025.

Pakistan’s prime minister is removed: NYT reports, the country’s Supreme Court disqualified Nawaz Sharif from office today over accusations of corruption, a ruling that is likely to shift a tumultuous political balance.

China’s Xi Jinping makes his case as leadership shuffle looms: WSJ reports, the president offered a sweeping defense of his administration’s record, touting progress in tackling domestic corruption and economic imbalances and helping solve global problems.

Buyout firm blames China-bashing for stalled semiconductor deal: WSJ reports, a China-backed firm whose $1.3 billion bid to buy an American chip maker is stalled before a U.S. government panel has taken the unusual step of airing its frustrations in public, saying the delay is chiefly political.

Value of US deals in China sinks on rising trade tensions: Reuters reports, US corporate acquisitions in China collapsed to their lowest level for 14 years in the first half of this year, as trade tensions between the two countries and uncertainty about Chinese government regulations took a toll on deal making.

China's next target: US microchip hegemony:  The semiconductor industry, a stalwart of the global economy, is succumbing to fierce nationalistic competition. WSJ

@XHNews: Xi says socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered new development stage

Nice to know.

Japan slaps 50% tariff on some US beef: WSJ reports, Japan said it would impose a temporary 50% tariff on frozen beef from the U.S. and several other countries, a move that could inflame trade tensions.

WP: Japanese prime minister’s poll numbers are so low they make Trump’s look good

French economy expands by 0.5%.

Macron nationalizes shipyard to prevent Italian acquisition: FT reports, French president’s intervention to defend ‘strategic interests’ earns Rome rebuke.

When it comes to commerce, where you sit is where you stand.

Paris tourism bounces back as terror fears fade: AFP reports, in a rebound that began at the end of 2016, Paris saw a record 2.6 million foreign arrivals in the first four months of this year -- a 19 percent increase over the same period in 2016.

I was in Paris this April for business and talks with cabbies suggested tourist visits to Paris was sluggish. Before departing, several of my American friends asked it was safe to make the trip.

Go to Paris. It is beautiful, safe, and chic.

Irish want sea border with the UK after Brexit: The Times, Theresa May is facing a new setback in Brexit negotiations after the government in Dublin said that her proposal for the Irish border was unworkable. Leo Varadkar, the Republic of Ireland’s prime minister, is pushing for the Irish Sea to become the post-Brexit border with the UK.

Hammond seeks ‘off-the-shelf’ Brexit transition: FT reports, Chancellor tells business leaders he is aiming for a quick agreement.

Brexit transition could last until 2022: AFP reports, Britain will try to keep as many aspects of its EU membership in place as possible during a transition period of up to three years after Brexit, finance minister Philip Hammond said on Friday. But Hammond told BBC radio that EU nationals would have to register with the authorities starting from the expected departure date of March 2019 as the government comes up with a new immigration system.

Theresa May 2.0 and her cabinet have reset the government: The UK prime minister has bounced back from her election humiliation. FT - Sebastian Payne

US orders Venezuela embassy families out, crisis deepens: Reuters reports, the U.S. government ordered family members of employees at its embassy in Venezuela to leave on Thursday as a political crisis deepened ahead of a controversial vote critics contend will end democracy in the oil-rich country.

More deadly violence in Venezuela as crisis deepens ahead of vote: AFP reports, clashes between Venezuelan security forces and demonstrators have killed five people during the latest opposition-led strike to protest an election on Sunday that critics contend will mark the end of democracy in the oil-rich country.

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