Why growing trends in China's tech scene pose a huge threat to Silicon Valley's hold

“If you were scared of Japan in the 90s, China of the 20s will terrify you." 

While the Trump administration has been focused on domestically made products via the recent "Made In America" campaign, many in the tech industry are actively focusing on the buzzing business scene in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Tech business, that it. When it comes to future-proofing companies via technology, this area of the world is creating such fervor that some predict that the tech epicenter will gradually shift from that of Silicon Valley to Silicon Dragon in a powerful manner. This is due in part to innovations being driven from Asia that could soon impact the entire the world.

Some are skeptical about what is seen as rapid change and advancement on the tech playing field while others are simply exhibiting a bit ethnocentricism that is somewhat reminiscent of the economic surge in Japan years ago. Says Marc A. Ross, founder of Caracal Global, a strategy firm specializing in global business communications and former communications director for the US-China Business Council, “If you were scared of Japan in the 90s, China of the 20s will terrify you." He continues,” There is a true willingness to protect state industrial champions in China to make sure they have a chance to succeed against the best in the world. That being said, it isn’t easy to create, build, and scale like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, or Apple. No other nation on the planet hosts the power, influence, innovation, entrepreneurial culture, and creativity of America’s tech companies. The ecosystem of universities, investors, and coders is a deep moat that can't be built overnight."

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