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August 10, 2017
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

Trump’s threat to North Korea was improvised: NYT reports,  Trump’s aides knew he planned to deliver a tough message to North Korea on Tuesday, but they did not expect a threat that rivaled the apocalyptic taunts often used by his target, Kim Jong-un.

WSJ - Editorial: Trumpian fury on North Korea

"China needs to know that the threat of military action is real."

NYT: North Korea says it might fire missiles into waters near Guam

For North Korea and the US, it's been threats, sanctions, and vitriol. Can't we just talk?:“We are stuck in this no-man's land," says one expert. "They are not going to have a meeting with preconditions." The U.S. has asked that North Korea make some gesture to show its seriousness, such as pausing the relentless pace of weapons tests. LAT

China seethes on sidelines amid latest North Korea crisis: Reuters reports, angered as the United States and its allies ignore Chinese calls to calm tensions over North Korea, and distracted by domestic concerns, China is largely sitting out the latest crisis with nuclear-armed Pyongyang.

Chinese crackdown on dealmakers reflects Xi power play: Beijing aims for more control over the economy by curbing outbound M&A while helping the president erode the support of rivals. FT

The SEC has delayed approval of a Chinese-led purchase of the Chicago Stock Exchange.