Ross Rant | September 21, 2017


It's 2017—or 5778 by the Jewish calendar whose new year starts today.

Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel takes on new meaning. The SEC reveals it was hacked and information accessed from EDGAR - the system for public company filings - was used to make trades. The oversight agency detected the breach last year but didn't learn until last month that it may have been used for improper trading.
Coming from an hotelier it is impressive how Trump's MAGA mantra hurts American tourism and hospitality. New data from the Commerce Department indicates international visitors to the United States declined by close to 700,000 in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year. According to Tourism Economics, the drop of visitors to America represents a loss of nearly $2.7 billion in spending.

Twitter said it will meet with staff from the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the investigation into Russian interference in Election 2016.

The global economy is set to grow at the fastest pace since 2011 with the biggest economies all contributing.

S&P cut its grade on Chinese debt to A-plus from AA-minus over concern about soaring credit growth. Beijing won't be happy and this move will generate a lot of business news coverage, but this isn't new news. Also, nearly all of China's debt is owned by the Chinese due to their aggressive domestic household savings. Lot's of noise, not much impact.

Tensions between Spain’s government and Catalan separatists have worsened. Aggressive efforts by the Spanish government to stop Catalan's independence referendum planned for October 1 might have gone too far. With police raids on the Catalan government headquarters, Spain is now facing its worst political crisis since the return to democracy 40 years ago.

What do Damascus and Washington have in common? Since Nicaragua has now joined the Paris Accord, this leaves the United States alone with Syria as the only two nations not a part of the agreement.

If you need a break today, make sure to find the video of Liam Gallagher making tea. #Brills

The NHL will host its first exhibition game in China with the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks dropping the puck in the Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena. The NHL has a lot of ground to cover. The NBA has a 30-year headstart in the country - its basketball games started to be shown on China Central Television in 1987.

Professional football in Los Angeles is sad.

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