Ross Rant | September 28, 2017


The winds of change are blowing for the Republican Party. 

From 310 First Street, SE to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW to 1530 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Republicans are shaking and quaking in their Gucci loafers. Some are cheerfully shaking because the most sweeping changes to the tax code since 1986 are afoot. Others are anxiously quaking because the primary result in Alabama is a shot of adrenaline to anti-establishment conservatives who will mount their own primary challenges.

The GOP is leaderless and directionless. The party is attempting to move massive tax legislation that will require prodigious unity while at the same time the party is under threat from colossal discord at the ballot box.

Speaking of the politics and lobbying of tax reform, the best book on the subject is Showdown at Gucci Gulch: Lawmakers, Lobbyists, and the Unlikely Triumph of Tax Reform.

Whenever some says China's internet, you need to say intranet. The Chinese Communist Party has created a golden cage that looks and operates like the WWW in the West, but it is mired in control and limits.

Xi Jinping is making moves in the government structure of China that will impact for the nation for a generation. A span of time that may be his length of management over the Middle Kingdom.

By siding with Boeing in a single move that will cripple Bombardier, Trump alienated Trudeau and May and is causing a slow burn trade dispute. Boeing has long been the USG's favorite SOE and has an oversized influence on American trade policy and diplomacy.

Silicon Valley is about to get a rude science lesson in the power of Capitol Hill and a gravitational field that is so intense no matter or radiation can escape. Just like Microsoft learned, you can't escape Washington, DC.