Caracal Insider Daily | January 23, 2018

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Davos, IMF, Post-engagement, Vermont, Netflix

Caracal Insider Daily
January 23, 2018
Curation and commentary from Marc A. Ross

Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia

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✔️ The Davos elite is worried

✔️ IMF hails ‘broadest’ upsurge in global growth since 2010

✔️ A post-engagement US-China relationship?

✔️ Vermont becomes ninth US state to legalize marijuana

✔️ Netflix is now worth more than $100 billion


Bloomberg: The global economy is doing just fine, but the Davos elite is worried

"China, debt, protectionism, Trump all seen as threats to growth"

IMF hails ‘broadest’ upsurge in global growth since 2010: FT reports, forecasts upgraded for 2017, 2018 and 2019, adding to positive mood ahead of Davos gathering.

FT: Trump and trade: White House briefing notes

"2018 is going to be largely about China"

Trump’s speech to set the tone at Davos party: US president’s planned address may prove a turning point for the global elite.
FT - Gideon Rachman

Nationalism vs. globalism: A question of balance: WSJ reports, Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, on how to deal with a fractured world.

China's top paper says US forcing China to accelerate South China Sea deployments: Reuters reports, China’s top newspaper, decrying Washington as a trouble-maker, said on Monday U.S. moves in the South China Sea like last week’s freedom of navigation operation will only cause China to strengthen its deployments in the disputed waterway. 

Third carrier may use electromagnetic launch catapults: Asia Times reports, China will use one or more electromagnetic catapults for fighter jets on its third aircraft carrier, the Beijing-based Global Times has revealed, citing an anonymous expert within the military. 

A post-engagement US-China relationship?
Rhodium Group

"Engagement, embracing China’s WTO accession and optimism were absolutely the right US strategy for the post-1978 China that risked everything to shift away from Communism; but unless Beijing demonstrates recommitment to that course now Washington and others will go a different way."

The Philippines says it won't be embroiled in US-China sea spat: Stars & Stripes reports, The Philippines said Sunday that it won't get embroiled in a fresh spat between the U.S. and China involving Beijing's protest of an American warship passing near a Chinese-controlled shoal also claimed by the Philippines. 

US sets new trade tariffs, signaling new phase in ‘America First’ policy: WSJ report, the Trump administration announced Monday new trade barriers aimed at protecting domestic makers of solar panels and washing machines from a recent surge of cheap imports.

NAFTA's fate uncertain ahead of Montreal round of talks: Reuters reports, the NAFTA trade agreement's future hangs in the balance this week as negotiators from the United States, Canada, and Mexico try to settle major differences over revamping a pact that President Donald Trump has threatened to abandon.

The UK’s choice on Brexit: Should it be Norway or Canada?WSJ reports, the two models presented by the EU imply sticking to EU laws and rules or facing more-restricted trade. The British are seeking some middle ground.


WSJ: Congress passes three-week spending bill to end government shutdown

NYT: Bill to end shutdown is sent to Trump

WP: Congress passes spending bill, clearing way to end shutdown

LAT: Congress agrees to reopen government with push from unusual bipartisan caucus

"The deal was hammered out by a gang of 30 or so senators calling themselves the Common Sense Caucus."

Pennsylvania court orders new election map for its 18 House seats in a boost for Democrats: LAT reports, the court strikes down the state's congressional map, which was drawn to give Republicans a 13-5 majority.

Election 2018: Generic ballot: Democrat: 45% ... Republican: 41% ... Undecided: 14%.

Bloomberg: Trump's first year in 14 metrics

Reuters: Vermont becomes ninth US state to legalize marijuana


US and Chinese companies race to dominate AI: WSJ reports, Chinese rivals are gaining fast because of rising investment, as well as freer access to enormous amounts of data about people.

Bacardi is acquiring the maker of Patrón tequila in a deal that values the premium brand at $5.1 billion.

Recode: Netflix added another 8.3 million subscribers in a ‘beautiful’ Q4

Netflix is now worth more than $100 billion.

WP: Maryland governor proposes $5 billion in tax breaks, transportation upgrades to lure Amazon


The best Twitter brand campaigns of 2017 and why they worked: Campaign reports, Twitter reveals insights from the best social campaigns in 2017 and finds they included three key components: video, live and simple creativity.

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