CIIE, Brexit, Iran, Oprah, Tourism, Luxury Goods

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CIIE, Brexit, Iran, Oprah, Tourism, Luxury Goods

Marc Ross Daily
November 1, 2018
Curation and commentary from 
Marc A. Ross

Reporting from Alexandria, Virginia 

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✔️ China International Import Expo takes place in Shanghai

✔️ Britain's manufacturing growth slumps

✔️ Denmark accuses Iran of planning attack near Copenhagen

✔️ Oprah on the campaign trail

✔️ 1.3 billion tourists hit the road 2017


CIIE: Next week's inaugural China International Import Expo takes place in Shanghai. The fair will see overseas businesses set up stalls in the hope of courting the lucrative Chinese market. The US is refusing to send any senior officials and buy-in from Washington is expected to take time. Meanwhile, the twice-yearly Canton Fair, an export-driven extravaganza, has been selling “Made in China” to the world since 1957. Changing culture and behavior takes loads of time and money.

Global leaders will gather in Singapore for the inaugural New Economy Forum Nov. 6 - 7. The event is set up by Michael Bloomberg, founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP.

Denmark accuses Iran of planning attack near Copenhagen: Assassination targets were allegedly members of a separatist group regarded as terrorists by Tehran.

OTD: In 1952 the United States detonated the first hydrogen bomb at Eniwetak atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

UK slowdown: Britain's manufacturing growth slumps to the lowest since the aftermath of the Brexit vote.


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South of the border: Trump is now saying he's prepared to deploy up to 15,000 troops to the Mexican border.

Oprah on the campaign trail: Oprah will door-knock voters and hold two town halls this week with Stacey Abrams, Dem candidate for GA govenor.

GOTV: Early vote totals in at least 17 states already surpass 2014 turnout at this point.

Acela Corridor blue: If the 538 House forecast comes good, there won't be a single Republican in the House representing a district east of the Hudson River.


Facebook is in the midst of a big transition: It's shifting its focus to Stories. Facebook sees Stories as its social networks' future.

CVS is piloting a program in Boston called CarePass that includes free delivery on most prescriptions and online purchases, access to a pharmacist helpline, a 20% discount on all CVS-branded products and a monthly $10 coupon.

Albertsons is looking to computerize the packing of its online grocery orders via a trial partnership with Takeoff Technologies.

FedEx is ending a program that offers discounts for business members of the National Rifle Association just days after a gunman killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Aman is the latest hotel company to launch its own skin-care line. The firm introduced the 30-product line to celebrate Aman's 30th year in business.

Marriott is planning multiple-brand growth across Latin America and the Caribbean.

General Motors’ third-quarter operating profit jumped 25%, as the automaker sold more trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

Lime pulls some electric scooters off the streets saying they could catch fire.

Netflix will three of its upcoming original films in a limited number of theaters before the movies appear on the streaming service.


Vacation: Around 1.3 billion tourists hit the road 2017, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Set-top boxes: Americans spend $20 billion on cable boxes per year.

Australia and luxury goods: Australians spend $2.1 billion a year on luxury goods, and the market has grown by more than 10 percent a year since 2013, according to research house IBISWorld. Almost a third of this spending is by tourists – and also increasingly by a younger demographic, whose desires are fuelled by celebrity endorsements on social media.

Mail is hot media: Emails often get deleted without so much as being opened, regardless of how cheeky the subject line is. “People our age get hundreds of emails a day, but they only get ten pieces of a mail a day, if that many,” says Pete Christman, the head of acquisition marketing at the shaving company Harry’s, which counts on mailers as part of its marketing. “From a numbers perspective, email is a much noisier environment.”

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