Brexit, Election 2018, ‘Law of the Jungle’, Amazon, Uber, Imposter Syndrome

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Brexit, Election 2018, ‘Law of the Jungle’, Amazon, Uber, Imposter Syndrome

Marc Ross Daily
November 5, 2018
Curation and commentary from 
Marc A. Ross

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✔️ Second Brexit vote?

✔️ Xi stands his ground against ‘law of the jungle’ trade policies

✔️ Most expensive midterm campaign in US history

✔️ Amazon in ‘advanced talks’ to build new HQ near....

✔️ Uber has launched a membership program


One way to fight imposter syndrome - learn from experts outside your specialization

Do I really know what I am talking about?

Why should this CEO listen to me?

Am I giving this candidate for office the best counsel?

The dreaded imposter syndrome.

It creeps in from time to time.

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Brexit: Bankers, traders, and money managers are worried about the City’s future as the financial gateway to Europe. They should be as Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam take on more financial services.

Second Brexit vote: The pressure for a "people's vote" on Brexit is growing. More than 70 business leaders called for such a vote on the weekend, followed by a similar call from over 1,500 of the country's top lawyers. 

Xi stands his ground: At the highly anticipated opening speech at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, Xi hit back against Trump’s “America First” policies with some of his most pointed language yet, denouncing “law of the jungle” and “beggar-thy-neighbor” trade practices. At the same time, Xi didn’t outline any new proposals that would suggest he was prepared to meet Trump’s demands, such as halting forced technology transfers or rolling back support for state-owned enterprises. 

Enjoy the ride and plan accordingly.

Trending: ‘law of the jungle’ trade policies

WP - Editorial: The US must take action to stop Chinese industrial espionage

New Caledonia
: Although voters in New Caledonia rejected leaving France in a referendum on Sunday, leaders of the South Pacific archipelago’s independence movement were left buoyed by the result, which was closer than expected - 56 percent of voters chose to remain under French rule, with turnout high at 81 percent.


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Election 2018 is the most expensive midterm campaign in US history: I don't see campaigns getting cheaper anytime soon. By the time midterms are through, candidates will have spent a combined $5.2 billion.

Fortune 500 company-affiliated PACs and employees have given more than $180 million to congressional candidates this cycle.

The tech sector spent 75% of its $17.7 million on Democrat campaigns.

Trump referendum: The midterm elections are a referendum on Trump’s divisive persona, hardline policies, and pugnacious politics. Many main street GOPers are voting Dem for the first time on Tuesday.

Trump on the campaign trail: He has claimed without evidence that Dems want to destroy the economy, obliterate Medicare, and open the borders to violent criminals. He is president just not a president.

Trump in Ohio today: He'll be in The Land for a 3 pm campaign rally with the Republican nominee for governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine.

Donald Trump Jr.: He has been an active campaigner for Republicans this year and has not ruled out a campaign of his own.

Who makes up the GOP base: Find a loyal Trump supporter and you’re looking at a voter who will stick with Republican candidates through hell and high water.

Michael Bloomberg: A 2020 presidential campaign, took another step closer to that possibility with a final-push $5 million national advertising effort to encourage voters to support Dems.

San Francisco homeless tax splits leaders: Voters to decide at US midterms on ‘Prop C’ levy to tackle increasingly ‘visible’ problem.

El Chapo is set to begin trial today in federal court in Brooklyn.

Antitrust in America: Trump said his administration was "looking at" antitrust proceedings against Amazon, Google, and Facebook.


Amazon in ‘advanced talks’ to build new HQ near DC: The company is seriously considering an area known as Crystal City. It’s a large residential and office complex in Arlington, Virginia, just south of Washington, has an urban feel, numerous government offices, and a ready-to-go campus with empty, older office space that Amazon could use.

Amazon’s decision, which may be announced in November, could include multiple locations involving smaller sites.

WSJ reporting the company is speaking with a small handful of communities including northern Virginia’s Crystal City, Dallas, and New York City.

Amazon's director of economic development lashed out on Twitter at whoever leaked to The Post, writing, "stop treating the NDA you signed like a used napkin."

It's all about the business model: Many executives believe that business model innovation is even more important to their company’s success than product or service innovation.

Uber looks to rebuild goodwill with regulators.

Uber has launched a membership program in LA, Austin, Denver, Miami and Orlando that gives fixed prices to subscribers, rather than putting them at the mercy of surge pricing.

OTD: In 2007 the Android mobile operating system was unveiled by Google.

Cannabis superstore: Opening in Las Vegas, the Planet 13 Superstore has 16,500 square feet of cannabis retail space and has 42 registers to handle the 2,000+ expected visitors each day.

Swag is a $24 billion dollar industry in the United States.


Do you want fries with that? Senior citizens are replacing teenagers at fast-food restaurants.


Eleven Madison Park is opening a seasonal, pop-up outpost in Aspen.


Politics and the pitch: Xherdan Shaqiri has been left out of Liverpool's traveling squad for Tuesday's Champions League match against Red Star Belgrade. The midfielder was at the center of controversy along with Switzerland teammate Granit Xhaka when they celebrated goals with a pro-Kosovo "double eagle" gesture that represents the Albanian flag during the World Cup win over Serbia in Russia.

A lap of Britain: Ross Edgley became the first swimmer to circumnavigate Great Britain. He completed 1,791 miles over five months and swam up to 12 hours a day.

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