CEE = Caracal Executive Education

Caracal works with clients to develop executive education lectures, workshops, and conference to help demystify Globalization and American politics.

Caracal can work with entrepreneurial start-ups, multinational companies, trade associations, and government agencies.

The Caracal Executive Education program organizes half-day, one-day or three-day sessions to help your team better understand and excel in connecting global politics, policy, and profit.

Utilizing a global network of senior business executives, innovative university professors, and former government officials, Caracal can develop a highly curated education environment which is informative and accessible.

CEE = Caracal Executive Education

Possible topics:

  • The Battle of Ideas: Keynes vs. Hayek
  • Deregulation: How Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan took on the USSR and the Warsaw Pact
  • The G-20: America's Role in the International Economic Order 
  • Comms: How the Media, Journalists, Bloggers, and Social Media are Covering Globalization
  • The Bear and The Eagle: US-Russia Relations
  • The Dragon and The Eagle: US-China Relations
  • Black Ships, Commodore Perry, and the South China Sea
  • Disruption vs. Innovation || Core vs. Gap
  • Why America Imports Asparagus
  • Being Rich and Democratic Isn’t Easy
  • Transistor Radios, Fast Fashion, and Supply Chains
  • Detroit is More Important Than Davos
  • Fostering a Globally Competitive City: Detroit
  • The Evolution of Employment - From Cash to Career to Calling

Contact Marc A. Ross at marc@caracal.global or +1 (202) 596-5270 to learn how we can help you create an executive education program that will make the world of global business and global politics more manageable and understandable for your colleagues, staff, board members, and stakeholders.